Lead Generation Lab With Derek Carlson

Sales Lead Generation Expert Derek Carlson Provides Knowledge On Current Marketing Techniques To Help Real Estate Agents Succeed.

Derek Carlson helps you define who you are and why customers should do business with you.

Derek Carlson exposes the secret tactics that Zillow implements and teaches successful strategies that will work for you.

Derek Carlson goes over a winning strategy on how to optimize vacant lot sales by bringing a builder into the equation.

Derek Carlson explains how to create a Facebook Live Broadcast in order to maximize your social media audience and online marketing capabilities.

In this episode, Derek Carlson tells you how the tips and strategies in successfully attaining For Sale By Owner Listings (FSBO's).

Derek Carlson talks about the follow up tools needed to achieve a higher lead conversion in real estate sales.

Derek Carlson goes over the steps in selling a real estate listing in 30 days. 

Derek Carlson sits down with Jay Berube, one of the top agents in Southwest Florida. They discuss Jay's beginnings, current methods he uses for lead generation, and the current challenges in the real estate sales landscape. 

Derek Carlson goes over 'The Facebook' and the changes implemented in its marketing campaign. 

Derek Carlson gives an in depth breakdown on how to become an expert in generating leads via Google Ads.

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