Lead Generation Lab With Derek Carlson

Sales Lead Generation Expert Derek Carlson Provides Knowledge On Current Marketing Techniques To Help Real Estate Agents Succeed.

Derek Carlson gives a passionate and heartfelt message as to why sales agents fail in the real estate industry.

Derek Carlson breaks down his short sale strategy to get more listings in today's real estate economy.

Derek Carlson gives you a game plan of what he would do if he was a starting agent in the real estate industry today.

Derek Carlson gives an extensive breakdwon as to why he believes there is a high failure rate in the real estate sales industry.

Derek Carlson goes over high level strategies on how to overcome the challenge of having no marketing money by generating 100 + free leads every month.

Derek Carlson dives deep into explaining the Top 7 companies where agents can buy and covert leads to grow their business.

Too afraid of making 'cold' calls to expired and for sale by owner listings? Derek Carlson will give you the reasons to call them right now!

Derek Carlson presents the mindset and approach to use when you decide to enter the luxury real estate market.

Derek Carlson discusses the Top 5 lead generation hacks to help agents explode their business.

Derek Carlson discusses how profit sharing real estate models are hurting your career and minimizing your potential.

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